About us


We take pride in our work toward implementing national policies and ensuring the health of our society through our efforts to expand the cultivation of medicinal plants and production of organic and additive-free products using crops from farms approved by agricultural experts. Taking into account Iran’s tapped and untapped potentials, we are propagating and adapting native species using modern agricultural methods while selecting market-friendly species that are compatible with the country’s environmental conditions. In addition to this significant work, one of the goals that we are striving to achieve is increasing the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of active ingredients in the field of medicinal plants to the highest level possible in order to provide raw materials for the processing industry.

  • 1.Production of seedlings and cuttings of medicinal plants
  • 2.Feasibility study of cultivating medicinal plants considering the conditions of agricultural lands
  • 3.Specialized consultation and training on cultivation of medicinal plants
  • 4.Cultivation of medicinal plants under rainfed conditions
  • 5.Processing of medicinal plants to supply the raw materials for production of herbal teas
  • 6.Production and packaging of herbal teas
  • 1.Promotion and development of medicinal plants cultivation
  • 2.Culture-building regarding the use of medicinal plants
  • 3.The use of new methods for processing medicinal plants
  • 4.Access to global markets
  • 1.Presentation of a paper at the 6th National Congress on Medicinal Plants download
  • 2.Participation in the 3rd National Festival and Exhibition of Iranian Herbal Medicinal Plants, Natural Products and Traditional Medicine