Reception Box

This box contains 8 types of demos and mixed salvia bag teas. Includes: Digestive Herbal Tea , Relaxing Herbal Tea , Ladies Herbal Tea, Pep-up Herbal Tea , Fitness Herbal Tea, Aramid Tea, Afternoon Tea , Night Time Tea

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Digestive Herbal Tea (Peppermint Mixture) This herbal tea has digestive properties and soothes the digestive system. It can be a suitable substitute for tea to be consumed after meals. Relaxing Herbal Tea (Viper’s Bugloss & Dried Lime) This herbal tea formula contains viper’s bugloss or blueweed and lemon balm, and it can improve blood circulation and relieve migraine pain. You can drink it at the end of the day for relaxation and to relieve daily stress. Mehrbanoo (Chamomile) Herbal Tea This herbal tea is commonly drunk to treat gastro-intestinal and skin problems and as an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema agent. It can also stimulate the immune system. Pep-up Herbal Tea (Green Tea & Cardamom) This herbal tea strengthens the heart and blood flow in the body. It also accelerates weight loss through increasing lipid metabolism. Therefore, it is recommended to drink this herbal tea one hour before sporting activities. Fitness Herbal Tea (Green Tea & Peppermint) This herbal tea improves lipid metabolism and reduces blood lipid and triglyceride levels making it an ideal drink for weight loss. It also removes toxins from the body and opens blood vessels. It is recommended to drink it at different times of the day. Aramid Tea (Lahijan Black Tea & Lemon Beebrush) Lemon beebrush and Persian tea offer a pleasant flavor and a refreshing combination. You can start a sprightly day by drinking it in the morning. Afternoon Tea (Lahijan Black Tea & Cinnamon) It will take you only 3-4 minutes to brew an enlivening, refreshing and stimulating afternoon tea. In traditional medicine, cinnamon is considered a stimulant with sedative properties. Drink it with family and friends for a sprightly and refreshing afternoon. Night Time Tea (Lahijan Black Tea & Orange Blossom) In traditional medicine, orange blossoms are used as a sedative and a remedy for troubled sleep. Mixing orange blossom with tea creates a pleasant and refreshing flavor. You can drink it for a good night’s sleep.