Green tea and Cardamom (Pep-up Herbal Tea)

One of the prominent features of this herbal tea is its different flavor. The combination of cardamom and green tea creates a pleasant flavor that is very suitable for those who do not like the green tea flavor and only drink it for its properties.

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Unlike black tea, no fermentation takes place in the preparation of green tea. Therefore, the amount of antioxidant compounds in green tea is much higher than in black tea. People who consume green tea daily are less likely to develop a variety of illnesses such as bacterial or severe infections and also diseases such as cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and bone diseases. Green tea is effective in weight loss because it increases body’s metabolic rate and lipid oxidation. It is recommended to use this combination before sporting activities because it has a desirable effect on weight loss. Ingredients: green tea, cardamom and sage.